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Staff Augmentation

Making Global Talent Accessible

At Jalan Technologies, we address understaffing difficulties for enterprises across the world. Being understaffed can have long-term and irreversible bearing on businesses. By harnessing the right expertise, we assist organizations to eliminate employee burnout and reduce its impact on operations and project delivery timelines.

Our selection process involves several rounds of stringent screening, at the end of which we deliver talents such as software developers, business analysts, Scrum Masters or QA specialists, who can collaborate with you readily. Jalan Technologies ensures that the need to create a team from scratch is eliminated and you find the right skills, minus the cookie cutter approach.

How Does Staff Augmentation Work?

Staff augmentation is a globally trusted model that organizations turn to for different reasons. In the post-pandemic world, this model has become even more relevant because of socio-economic and politic unrest, in addition to the concerns on physical and mental health of professionals. Staff augmentation steps in with its winning benefits of flexibility and accessibility. 

“Jalan Technologies helped us to speed up the successful product deployment as multiple Fortune 500 clients.”

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At Jalan Technologies, we simplify the process of staff augmentation and work toward seamlessly integrating the new teams with your existing ones and allowing for close collaborations on daily tasks and operations, as quickly as possible. Jalan Technologies is well-versed at handling remote, in-office and hybrid models, depending on our clients’ requirements. We are confident that whatever your team scale-up needs are, we can meet the specifications with our well-thought-out, tried and tested staff augmentation model. 

Is Staff Augmentation For You?

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