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Our Team

He has 12+ Years of experience in building native apps, websites, backend at Microsoft, Google, and successful startups. He is an ISU Ph.D. Dropout and an IIT Dhanbad alum who is on a mission to make this world a better place through technology. His passion for engineering has pushed us to create a team of the best software developers and create something meaningful that can change the way the world works.

Jaikishan Jalan

CEO & Founder

Akash is a React engineer who has built two products for two startups alongside executives from Apple, Microsoft, eBay. He likes to clean code and has been proactive while putting himself in the shoes of end users.

Akash Lakhera

Software Engineer

Amog works as a senior software engineer in JTC and has 6+ years of industry experience..His expertise lies in C++ on Unix/Linux and Oracle RDBMS. He is a go getter and finds peace in traveling and reading.

Amog Betkar

Software Engineer

Aniket has been working to build technology alongside ex-Amazon executive to build a product to reduce financial debt for US consumers. Before that, he built the backend for a product that enables an application to access user's utility data.

Aniket Rathi

Software Engineer

Ankit has hands on system architect working on building the backend for a US consumer credit card from ground up, implementing complex financial modeling algorithms from the past 18 months.

Ankit Bhawnani

Software Engineer

In the last 6 years, Balwant has worked in various industries. Most recently, he built a backend for a Q&A app for a startup which got acquired by Vedantu. He takes great pride in writing clean and performant code.

Balwant Singh

Software Engineer

Dipankar is a full stack developer with experience in React, Node. He has been working for the Solar sector from past 6 months, helping in building critical system components such as integration with banks to originate loan and credit checks.

Dipankar Barman

Software Engineer

Jiwali is a Software Developer in Test and has a total 4 years of work experience. She has worked for projects in Supply Chain Management and Resource Tracking and Vendor Item Request Application for US based clients. Currently she is working on a Solar Energy project where her job is to develop and perform cypress based automation test cases and maintain quality of the product. She likes to learn new technologies, write blogs and find more and more bugs in the system...!!!

Jiwali Patil

Software Engineer in Test

Kalpesh has been building a core data extraction engine to help energy companies derive information from unstructured data. He is good at problem solving, Python and React. Kalpesh is an entrepreneur at heart who ran his company for 3 years after college.

Kalpesh Parihar

Software Engineer

Manan has been working to build technology alongside ex-Amazon executive to build a product to reduce financial debt for US consumers. Before that, he built the SDK and backend for a product that enables an application to access user's utility data.

Manan Jain

Software Engineer

Mohit is all about finding new ways to solve a problem. He's an enthusiast about Fintech, the stock market and keeps exploring new ideas that require not only discipline, but also a strategic approach to execute them. Mohit brings that same discipline to his diversified role at JTC, where he works with cross functional teams to help organisations to drive their digital transformation. He has B.Tech-M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and in addition to stock market, he unwinds with music, books and water sports.

Mohit Kumar

Senior Product Manager

Naveen is a Software Engineer from premier engineering college(IIT Kanpur) working on SAAS product for Energy company. He is skilled in Node, Javascript, Express, React and MongoDB. When not working he likes to read about technology and observational astronomy.

Naveen Kumar

Software Engineer

Rachana is currently working as SDET and has 3 years of experience in this industry. She has her expertise in Cypress Automation. She has been closely involved in automation setup, data pattern design ,and testing in her career. In her free time, you can catch her reading a book or diving deep into music.

Rachana H.T.

Software Engineer in Test

Raghvendra loves building user experiences using React and React Native. In the last 6 months, he worked to build a mobile application for social networks for influencer marketers for the US market.

Raghvendra Rathore

Software Engineer

Rajat has been building software for the last 4 years. He helped a Hong Kong based trading firm to build a software in order to manage trading orders. Currently he is working as Fullstack developer on a fintech based project that helps users to reduce their credit card debt. He has expertise in Reactjs, Nodejs, React Native and Laravel. When not working he likes to play Chess, Cycling and working with NGOs.

Rajat Vindhru

Software Engineer

Roopal is a Senior Software Engineer with 4+ years of experience. She has worked in the automotive industry for the past 3.5 years. She has engaged in building the front-end for an Indian unicorn startup & one of the largest auto portals using React. Recently, She has been involved in the development of an application that helped consumers make good buying decisions by taking recommendations from their friends and family. Her expertise lies in TypeScript, Node, React and React Native

Roopal Jasnani

Software Engineer

Sai Deepthi is a MERN stack developer with 1+ years of experience in the industry. She is currently working on a energy management project. She is skilled in React(typescript) and Node Js. Her passion lies in coding, traveling, and analytics. She is now living her dream of being a software developer with JTC.

Sai Deepthi

Software Engineer

Sasikanth is currently working as SDET and has 4 years of experience in IT industry. He has experience in developing backend api's using python (Flask and Django), UI automation using python selenium, and QA. He is a multi-passionate person who likes to play volley ball and also likes to travel.

Sai Sasikanth

Software Engineer in Test

Sourabh is from IIT Kharagpur and is currently working in JTC's in-house project Omnimetic. He likes to get things done and he is consistent in whatever he does.. When not working he likes to go for a long walk and socialize.

Sourabh Patil

Software Engineer

Sparsh is efficient in Mean stack, but he has more inclination and efficiency towards Backend programming and DSA. When he is not working, you can find him blogging and writing tech tutorials.

Sparsh Kumar

Software Engineer

I am Software Tester graduated from The oxford college of engineering Bangalore. Currently working as QA for PeerStreet Project. Skilled in software Testing, Product management,, JavaScript. Proactive person who loves Trekking, New technologies, Gadgets, Travelling, Playing video Games, Swimming.

Srinidhi Uppoor

Software Engineer in Test

Vinay Kumar Goyal is Software Developer graduated from premier engineering college (IIT Roorkee) He is working on the backend of the SAAS Project of Energy sector. He is skilled inTypeScript, OOPs, Node, MongoDB. His hobbies is to play outdoor sports and socializing.

Vinay Goyal

Software Engineer

Visakh is Software Engineer graduated from premier engineering college of India with over 4 years of experience. He had previously worked with edtech and fashion tech platform. When not working he likes to read about tech innovations.

Visakh Vijayan

Software Engineer

Yuvraj Thakur is MERN Stack Developer graduated from a Premier Engineering college (IIT Roorkee). He is currently working on frontend for a Solar Energy Project. He is skilled in React (typescript ) and material UI library. He is a multi-passionate person who likes to play football and chess, pursue photography and also likes to play keyboard.

Yuvraj Thakur

Software Engineer

Rachana works as a Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist. She is responsible for discovering and hiring talents who are freshers in software industry. She belives in being multi skilled and aspires to become an entrepreneur herself.

Rachana Gontla

Associate TA Specialist

Anchal is a Talent Acquisition Specialist who aims to build an impact driven engineering team. Her day to day task involves sourcing, attracting, selecting and hiring top talent in the market. She has over 4 years industry experience. She loves spending time with family & friends. In her free time she enjoys socializing.

Anchal Jain

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Raviteja is a Human Resource professional Post Graduated from YV University. She has Currently been working as HR Manager, Skilled in end to end recruitment.She Loves exploring places and new tastes


Talent Acquisition Specialist

Sharan has 9 years industry experience and handles the entire HR & People operations including everything you can think of. When not working, he likes to exploring new places and party.

Sharan Kumar

Head of People & Operations

Sneha is a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist with an interest in building the most effective workforce possible. She is highly passionate, motivated, dedicated and goal-oriented recruitment professional.From working in MNC’s to start up’s, she has grown her skills in full cycle recruiting, strategic sourcing, technology, cost management and team management. In last few years, she has been helping businesses in developing insights and recruiting strategies that drive the employer brand and achieve talent agenda.

Sneha Suresh

Senior TA Specialist

Sharat is a UI/UX designer who cares about the minute details. His work spans from research studies and wire-framing to creating UIs. He was previously a Landscape Architect.Sharat is an avid music enthusiast and spends his weekends at climbing-gyms.

Sharat Rajendran

UI/UX Designer

Hashim is a self-taught UI/UX designer who approaches design with a focus on establishing empathy for both the groups - who create the products and the ones who use it.

Hashim Irfan Ali

UI/UX Designer

Ankita is Solution Engineer responsible for relationship building, uncovering customer needs, and finding solutions. She helps businesses to solve problem with technology. She enjoys seeing things from fresh perspective. When not working she likes to spend time gardening and learning new things.

Ankita Singh

Enterprise Sales Associate

Bhavya is a Solution Engineer working along with the sales and marketing team, with 7 months of work experience. He works in the subcontracting segment and his day to day tasks include finding out potential clients for the company by connecting with people through calls and mails, understanding their requirements and providing them a Solution from a technical point of view. Currently he is targeting the unicorn startups in India, where he is finding business opportunities and building relations with them. He likes to play his Guitar and travelling to the woods alone in his free time.

Bhavya Sharma

Sales Associate

Rohit works as a Business analyst (Presales) who is responsible for day to day interaction with clients on freelance portals to understand their business requirement and build proposals based on their requirements. He has total 4 years of industry experience. When not working he likes to volunteer and help his team member with their work.

Rohit Mishra

Buisness Analyst(Sales)

Mekhla handles everything that comes under digital marketing. She always puts her fresh and creative perspective on the table. While not working, you can find her relaxing with her earphones on.

Mekhla Vyas

Digital Marketing Manager