Accelerating Adoption of Renewable Energy With Technology


About the Client

Founded in 2008, the client is an A+ rated leading solar company based in the USA. They offer customized solar solutions to residential owners, helping them to go green and taking charge of their personal energy consumption expenditure. As they started to scale their operations, they were looking for a software to automate their processes in order to accurately build personalized sales proposals quickly.

Using Technology For Quick And Accurate Sales Proposals

Using Technology For Quick And Accurate Sales Proposals as the client was scaling their sales team, they needed the ability to generate accurate sales proposals consistently with detailed return on investment for their customers. Existing solutions either over or under promise the return on investment, too hard to use to build system designs, or simply not accurate.

After understanding the problem, we built a web-based solution that would download high-resolution rooftop imagery for a given house and using NREL's API, took the sunlight, weather data into consideration. The system also integrated with utility data and using SAM's models in C++, built an accurate system that would predict the system production. We also built a tool to allow a sales rep to quickly design a roof layout design with a click of a button. This helped them to remain accurate without getting bogged down into low-level details of system design.

The system generated a proposal explaining return on investment and savings over the next 25 years. Now, within 30 seconds, an accurate sales proposal can be generated for any new customer. Later on, we integrated battery and demand charges as well to help customers get a better return on their solar investment.

Technologies used

Technologies used

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