Grazing Management Software A Revolution for Ranchers


About the Client

The ex-executives of Capital One started a company that aimed at constructing a cutting edge payment card that makes it simple to spend responsibly — with all the advantages of credit. The central goal is to assist people with settling on keen spending choices so they can stress less about money and live happily and peacefully. Additionally, it will help them grow savings, avoid debt, construct credit, and accomplish their objectives.

Tech Geniuses as Clients

The client was a startup led by engineers from MIT and Stanford who had a collective vision to promote regenerative grazing practices using technology. They aimed at revolutionizing and digitizing the grazing landscape by replacing huge grazing charts hung on every rancher's wall with digital maps.

Their idea was to provide ranchers with a Grazing Management Software which would enable them to make profitable decisions and to save a lot of time. Here is what they wanted to achieve through the software:

  • Season forecasting and scenario planning
  • Calculate stocking and carrying capacity
  • Managing pastures and cattle in one place
  • Tracking cattle moves, grazing periods, and rest days
  • Evaluating pasture performance

Great Engineers in the Search of a Great Team

With a groundbreaking start-up idea and an amazing team of engineers from MIT and Stanford, the product team needed solid engineers who could, with minimal guidance and handholding, take ownership of the front-end development of this product. Other than technical competencies, they needed someone who could develop the product keeping the end-user in mind, with empathy

Technologies used

Technologies used

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