Simplifying Personal Finance through Automation


About the Client

The ex-executives of Capital One started a company that aimed at constructing a cutting edge payment card that makes it simple to spend responsibly — with all the advantages of credit. The central goal is to assist people with settling on keen spending choices so they can stress less about money and live happily and peacefully. Additionally, it will help them grow savings, avoid debt, construct credit, and accomplish their objectives.

An Operating System Facilitating Financial Decisions

Living in a financial landscape where most of the American population is under debt or is struggling to manage finances, a personal finance management software is a blessing in disguise. The client wanted an operating system that could help masses in making right decisions about their finances.

The goal was to develop a financial brain as a software, making it intelligent enough to guide the users in regulating their expenses without incurring huge debts. There was a list of objectives to be fulfilled by this product. The list included:

  • Organizing money into Bills, Savings Goals and Spending
  • Tracking and reserving money for bills
  • Tracking and reserving money for investment fund goals
  • Letting people spend the remainder of their monthly income on credit
  • Letting people spend from investment funds, whenever need be
  • Locking the card if there is an attempt to spend more than that
  • Consistently autopays your credit billx

The Developmental Journey of a Product Propelled by Financial Intelligence

Technologies used

Technologies used

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