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Transform Agriculture in Scientific Manner

In the recent past, technology has adjusting the ways in agriculture and farmers life. We understand the importance of technology in agriculture and worked with similar minds to use technology and scientific data for improving grazing management and better crop yields with cutting edge technology.

Grazing Management Software - A Revolution for Ranchers

A startup led by engineers from MIT and Stanford wanted to provide ranchers with Grazing Management Software that would enable ranchers to make profitable decisions and save a lot of time. JTC worked alongside the founding team to build technology that the users can easily adopt without going through a high learning curve. With the help of this software, ranchers could get data about their cattle and identify pastures according to the productivity of the land. They saw a 100% increase in their profits when they switched this software from traditional ranching.

Raise the Bar with Jalan Technologies

We help ambitious organizations to turn their goals into reality. We connect with people who have a mission to make the world a better place and empower them by being their technology partners in their quest.


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