Jalan Technologies

A simplified microtraining platform for multinational enterprises

About the Client

The customer is a micro training startup based out of California, USA. The founder – ex-employee of Google had the vision to create a global platform that can make the training process easier for any multinational corporation with the aim of localizing the training courses.

Founder’s Mission

The Founder’s objective was to remove the language barrier for companies that have multiple outlets across the globe. To educate their staff in their native language, any enterprise had to hire a team. With the product in his mind, anyone could just outsource this service from a single platform. The organization can save itself from hiring a whole new team for standardization processes and create a similar experience universally for customers.

Jalan Technologies’ Collaboration

They found us through the Google alumni network. We were selected to develop the product design, write the code for the platform, test the services, and also brainstorm various user workflows.


Features of the platform:

1. User/Admin friendly

The web app was created to such a degree where no manual followups, apps, or desktops are needed. Training Distribution is just a 3 step process for admin 


  • Specify training groups and trainee mobile numbers to groups (1 time activity)
  • Upload the training content,
  • Assign content to groups 


The trainee is notified on the mobile messaging platform with a link. Once clicked, the trainee is taken to our servers for authentication and streaming of content. Training adoption is tracked in real-time with periodic nudges to trainees who are yet to complete their sessions. Any new joiner can be added without any inconvenience. 

2. Secure Streaming

Training videos are often confidential. This is how the web application ensures the-secrecy of the content,Single sign on and authentication for each training session. Twilio is used for OTP authentication.


  • Content is hosted on AWS and streamed through Vimeo both of which provides some of the highest levels of security in the industry for hosted services.
  • None of the content is shareable or downloadable,
  • Access to content is controlled by 2 factor authentication.

3. Localized Training

The web app supports voice over and video captions for 100 of the world’s most popular languages. The client relies on services trusted by Fortune  500  companies to deliver content translation. The services come with 1 year post completion  project support and quality assurance.

4. Permission Management

The application also has a feature of permission management. Permissions can be granted at the application level for controlling the web app.

Tech Stack

  • React
  • Node JS
  • Javascript
  • React JS
  • Express JS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Twitter
  • Bootstrap
  • Gulp
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Heroku

Current Status

The MVP project was created within 3 months. The project is live and the client is currently working on their sales and marketing.

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