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Prioritizing Clinical Focus With A Dental Affiliation Platform

A Cloud-Based Web Application To Seamlessly Run Dental Practices

Our team has designed an application for the support team that helps to manage every administrative task that is needed to run a dental clinic from patient communication, data analytics, vendor management to taxation workflows and much more.


Unlike many traditional applications, it also uses real-time GRPC bi-directional streaming to communicate with dental offices to cloud servers to provide real-time insights. The application supports various roles to ensure each person sees the right information on the platform.


The product is used by over 250 support staff at the company and maintains data of over 350GB over the last 4 years. We built a desktop application using Electron and React to sync millions of data points from all dental clinics to the cloud in order to drive key insights and operational statistics. The platform is created in such a way where one data entry is shared across the whole network. Any authorized person can see the history of any patient coming into the network.t.

Automation of Invoice Processing

The platform removes the manual work for the accounting team by automating the invoice processing. We created a system that automatically extracts invoices from hundreds of emails from vendors. The application reads the emails and extracts the relevant information. This reduces a good deal of manual workload on the accounting team. 

Payroll and Taxation System

The customer has a very complicated payroll system. The dentists are awarded incentives if they generate revenue over a certain amount. This incentive system can become overwhelming when one needs to monitor too many dentists .The system that we have created handles all these business processes, models these payrolls and generates these payrolls accurately removing all the need for manual work.

Knowledge Hub

Our team created a feature similar to Wikipedia that helps the team members of the network to ease the internal workflows. Dentists can document their processes, share their knowledge and people inside the dental network knowledge and people inside the dental network can read and take guidance from it. They were previously working in a disjointed world, now this knowledge library helps them to bridge that gap.

Focus on Patients

Our customer takes ownership of all the desk and administrative tasks so that dentist’s can leep patient care as a top priority. Partnering with the client provides the doctors to devote 100% of their time to their patients. The application allows to keep the patient’s data up to date through a dental chart. It creates a dental chart of the patient which consists of the patient’s history of dental procedures done within the clinic. It is saved on cloud and becomes easy to see whenever needed.


Processes and workflows are standardized and this platform has allowed to gather new clinics easily with confidence at a higher pace velocity. The platform syncs existing data from the clinic in the backend and makes the onboarding process easy and hence at least 1 dental clinic comes under the umbrella of the network every month. 

Our team is happy to be the current and future partner of the service provider and is working on new features to upgrade the current platform.

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