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Future Renewable Energy Technology

The energy sector has been our expertise since the onset of our journey. We have been associated with various projects that gave us the opportunity to deeply understand this industry. We have developed an enterprise resource planning system for solar companies, an IoT-based application that regulates electricity wastage, and a software that helps with utility data management.

With so much experience in this sector, we discovered a major issue within the energy industry and came up with our own product – Omnimetic that finally solves the very old problem of Utility Data Management.

Accelerating Adoption of Renewable Energy With Technology

Founded in 2008, the client is an A+ rated leading solar company based in the USA. They offer customized solar solutions to residential owners, helping them to go green and taking charge of their personal energy consumption expenditure. As they started to scale their operations,  they were looking for a software to automate their processes in order to accurately build  personalized sales proposals quickly.

Raise the Bar with Jalan Technologies

We help ambitious organizations to turn their goals into reality. We connect with people who have a mission to make the world a better place and empower them by being their technology partners in their quest.


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