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Automating processes using big data technology

The Core Problem

Financial data insights play a crucial role in both trading and post-trading activities, such as reporting and compliance. These insights allow traders to grasp market trends, spot opportunities and risks, and make informed predictions. Compliance professionals, on the other hand, use these insights to ensure that trading activities adhere to regulatory standards, detect potential fraud, monitor transactions for unusual activity, and address compliance risks.

Our client firm operates in multiple capital markets and uses multiple trading platforms, which result in distributed and unstructured data. Currently, the team manually exports financial data from multiple platforms and markets, a process that is both inefficient and time-consuming.

Jalan Technologies Collaboration

Jalan Technologies partnered with data management team to create a centralised and structured data management system and data interfaces.

Over the course of collaboration, Jalan Technologies’ PM, Tbricks development engineer and DevOps engineers dove in and out, as needed by the phase and milestone. Together they built system using Citus and Google Cloud BigQuery which collects data from multiple trading platforms and stores it in a centralised data lake. This centralised data lake was further used for building data interfaces to generate quant models for trading signals, generate P&L reports for reporting purposes and supporting the compliance fulfilment.

Business Impact

The result is a centralised data management system and interfaces that not only help the front desk of traders to find better opportunities but save resources and time for the back office in reporting and compliance support. 

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