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Story behind Omnimetic

Jalan Technology has been working in the energy sector since 2017. In all these years, we have developed software solutions for solar installation companies and energy management startups. Over time, we recognized a major problem in this sector, which is the management of energy data. Our team knew the energy industry in and out and came up with a solution for the US market that solves the hassle for people working in the energy sector. We named it Omnimetic. 

Omnimetic is a solution that provides easy access to customer utility data (bill, energy consumption) by extracting data from utility companies. 

Omnimetic Explained

The only sector that lacks behind technology innovation is the energy sector. We believe modernizing energy data management and automating it will save long hours of work and will boost operational efficiency.


Omnimetic is focused on simplifying utility data access through technology. Individuals or businesses of every size can use it to streamline their processes with instant utility data access. Omnimetic widget will extract the utility data from behind the scenes and will make this data available to the user.


Anyone can come to the admin portal, sign up for an account and finish hours of work in a few minutes. Omnimetic will help people working in the energy industry shift their focus to innovation and other important tasks.

Features of Omnimetic

How we handle ? User Data

Tech Stack

No one can see the user credentials – not even the Omnimetic Team. With

user consent, we provide access to our partner companies

  • Account Holder lnformation
  • Utility Accounts
  • Billing
  • Energy Data

Omnimetic uses secure modern cloud infrastructure technologies andIndustry-standard advanced encryptions to keep the data and credentials safe. We use the temporary access token to prevent unwanted access

Use Cases

Energy Management

The cost of poor data (too many errors), cost of delayed information, and the cost of employees (for the manual work) combined is too expensive. Bad energy decisions can cost a company millions and Omnimetic can save the companies tons of money.


Omnimetic helps to streamline energy data management by collecting utility data for multiple accounts from different utility providers in minutes. When data is collected at the right time with fewer errors, the user can find the right opportunities to maximize cost and energy savings.

Utility Account Management

Just imagine a building manager operating multiple buildings at a time. Without any centralized platform the authorized person will have to login into different platforms to manage the energy data. Utility data access options vary greatly by utility providers which can be time-consuming. 


Automated utility data reduces the time spent collecting data from multiple providers. Omnimetic easily manages multiple utility accounts from multiple providers in one place.


Utility data is an important factor for solar installation companies. The customer has to give the right details about the energy consumption to decide the size of the solar system. Slightly wrong information can cause the loss of thousands of dollars for the customer and damage the reputation of the solar company. 


With just a few lines of code, companies can integrate OmniConnect into sales quotation tools or the website. It will help users to connect their utility accounts and companies can collect the accurate utility consumption data, billing details, customer identity, or service address for any connected utility account in a few minutes. The correct information will build an accurate solar system design and the sales team can focus on other important tasks. 

Invoice Automation

Omnimetic automates invoice processing and allows all the invoices to get directly into the system. After connecting all the utility accounts through OmniConnect, the user can set up periodic monitoring – daily, weekly or monthly and stay up-to-date by receiving notifications whenever there is new invoice data associated with linked accounts. 


The invoice automation promotes consistency within invoices, accountability, and transparency. It saves time, cost and the saved expenses can be used for innovation and improving the organization/enterprise. 

Benefits of Omnimetic

Manual data collection processes are more prone to human error and increase the associated risks. This causes bad data quality and it can cost any big company millions. 


Omnimetic will remove manual work and replace poor data with accurate and efficient data. It will help the users to maximize energy savings and advance innovation. It is developed to drive cost and time savings, improve energy efficiency and simplify energy management.

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